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The Roseville Parents' and Citizens' Association meets on the second Thursday of each month in the Library at 7:30pm. Meetings feature regular reports from the Principal and P&C Committees. The P & C Executive Committee includes a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and Vice President. 

The School P and C Association have a number of sub-committees that increase the opportunity for parent participation. These include:

  • Band Committee- manages the organisation of the five school bands.
  • Canteen Committee- assists with the running and staffing of our school canteen.
  • Clothing Pool Committee- organises and runs the uniform shop.
  • Archives Co-ordinator- maintains school records.
  • Tuckerbox Co-ordinator- helps our parent community in times of need with meal support.
  • Community Notice Board Co-ordinator- maintains our school and community connections.
  • Social Co-ordinator- builds parent and community relationships.
  • School Watch- provides after hours security through a system of parent volunteers.
  • Fund Raising Committee- services the raising of additional funds to support learning programmes and school facilities.

Meetings are well attended with members committed to providing exceptional support to the educational and social programs of the school.

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