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Bourke Public School

Roseville Public School is proud of our special relationship with our sister school, Bourke Public School.

Bourke is a town of 2,500 situated approximately 800 km north-west of Sydney. Bourke lies in a remote location and it is considered being the gateway to the outback, hence the term 'Back o' Bourke'.

Our sister school was officially opened in 1976 and at present has 200 students enrolled, 67% of which are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decent. Bourke Public School has strong values towards high achievement in Literacy and Numeracy in a caring and stimulating environment.


Bourke PS visits Roseville PS

It was an honour and a privilege for our sister school, Bourke Public School to visit us here at Roseville. Our school leaders and Mrs Vula, along with Bourke Public School's Principal, Miss Pennell and school leaders were most fortunate to participate in the National Young Leaders Day.

Our school held a special assembly to welcome the leaders of Bourke Public School. We received some special gifts, including a large framed photograph of all the students and staff at Bourke Public School, as well as a painted emu egg decorated by a local Aboriginal artist from Bourke. The significance of receiving the emu egg is that it means there is a strong bond between the two schools.

The students and Miss Pennell were fortunate to have generous families from Roseville who kindly offered to billet them during their stay in Sydney. We are very excited about maintaining these positive relationships with Bourke Public School.

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