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Road Safety

No Parking Zone Duntroon Avenue

The No Parking zone on Duntroon Avenue is where a number of our students are dropped off and picked up from. This area can be used to drop off students at school and to collect them in the afternoon. In the afternoon a teacher is on duty to assist in ensuring that children are waiting safely behind the school fence.

Once pulled over, parents are permitted to leave their cars briefly to assist children when they are boarding or alighting. However, they should not leave their vehicles and search for children. The correct procedure if you cannot see your child, when you are collecting them is to complete another lap of the block. If this practice is adhered to then the traffic should flow smoothly and the whole process should be safe and efficient. It is also important to remember to move as far down the zone as possible so that all of the available space can be used effectively.

Children are encouraged to wait until their parent's car has parked before leaving the school grounds. The school receives regular assistance from Police Officers and RTA Rangers in regards to this process.


A number of our students choose to travel to and from school via scooter. There are some important guidelines to be aware of:

  • All children should push their scooters across the road, at designated crossings. Riding scooters across the road is very dangerous.
  • When riding scooters on the foot path children should be very careful when passing pedestrians. If required, students should slow down or even get off their scooter when passing a pedestrian to avoid a collision. 
  • Scooters are not to be ridden in school grounds. Students need to push their scooters to the designated storage area when entering the school or to the appropriate exit when leaving the school.

Pedestrian safety/guidelines

When walking to and from school, children need to be aware of what is around them. Children should only cross the roads at either the pedestrian crossing or the lights. Crossing at the lights requires extreme caution. Children should only cross at the lights when the green WALK sign is displayed. Children should not cross when the walk sign is flashing as this is very dangerous.

Children under the age of ten (10) should be accompanied by an adult when travelling to and from school.

Bus Zones

The school utilises a Bus Zone on Addison Avenue. Cars should not be parked in this zone at inappropriate times. The school receives regular assistance from Police Officers and RTA Rangers in regards to keeping this area clear for buses.

Access via the staff car park

Children should not be entering or leaving the school via the staff car park. Appropriate entrances/exits on Duntroon and Addison Avenues should be used at all times.














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