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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team

Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains, Band Captains and SRC Executive are elected from the Year 6 children by all children in the grade.

Their duties include:

  • Setting examples to other students in terms of their dress and behaviour.
  • Providing pastoral care/support for younger pupils.
  • Providing leadership for the Student Representative Council.
  • Assisting at official functions involving visitors to the school.
  • Providing assistance from time to time in areas that will develop their leaders skills.

Student Representative Council

The student body is represented on a Student Representative Council that consists of, SRC Executive plus elected members of each class in Years 3-6. The SRC meets regularly and its roles include:

  • Providing input into bodies such as Grounds Committee, Canteen Committee etc.
  • Discussing issues such as playground rules, school rules, organisational improvements.
  • Making recommendations to the Principal for improved facilities and programs
  • Supporting charities identified by the students as causes the students would like to support.

Buddy Program

A large component of the Leadership Program for all students in Year 6 every year is the 'Buddy Program'. This program involves Year 6 students working closely with Kindergarten students. The older students take great pride and care in helping the new children adapt to school life both in the classroom and playground.

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