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Sports Prog

K-2 Sport

All children in K-2 are involved in a skills development program to cater for muscular co-ordination, flexibility and movement. These skills are a basis of skills required for major sports.

Years 3-6 Sport 

A comprehensive sports program is run for Years 3-6 students. Students are taught skills associated with major sports through the adaptation of skills and rules to suit the development level of primary students.

Sports Carnivals

All students in Years 3-6 are encouraged to compete in three major sports events at the school each year. Each of these carnivals are followed by the District, Regional and State Carnivals. In all cases the children who have the best times in races at a particular carnival are selected to compete at the next level.

School Houses: Students are allocated into the following four "Houses". These houses compete against each other at Sports Carnivals.

Archbold - Red

Babbage - Yellow

Fidden - Blue

Matthew - Green

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