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RPS Veggie Garden

RPS Vegie Garden

Roseville Public School has an exciting new addition to its grounds, located out the front of the library, the RPS Vegie Garden!

The very clever Mr Clegg reused corrugated iron from an old garage door at the back of the school hall to build the raised garden beds. All the timber meets strict safety standards and all the soil, vegetables, herbs and plants are all certified organic just as nature intended. These seedlings were kindly donated by Ready to Plant Organics¯. Who can forget the piece de resistance designed and made by Mr Clegg himself: the fabulous RPS Vegie Garden sign, which was reused from materials we had in the school!

Come and have a look at all the delicious vegetables that we are growing. The Enviro Kids, Miss Aleksanian, Mrs Gatt, Mrs Bottomley and Miss Bready have been busy planting basil, purple basil, beans, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, beans, carrots, strawberries, parsley, coriander, borage, chamomile, kale, lettuce, endive and much, much more!

A BIG thank you as well for all the input from students, the community and school staff who all did their bit in making the RPS Vegie Garden a raving success! How wonderful that soon we will have delicious, fresh, organic, healthy and home-grown vegetables that we will be able to watch grow before our eyes and eventually eat!

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